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What is Yoruba Discoveries® Methodology?


    We teach language and culture in the way you would use it. While others might teach in a traditional way, we teach using more practical concepts that you can actually apply to the modern world. We also invest a large amount of time in teaching sounds and tones for a strong foundation.


    Since we know you can't come to us, we bring culture to you! In previous sessions, our students have taken a virtual trip to the market, a Yoruba head-wrapping shop, and even a KING'S PALACE in Yoruba-land! The students are able to utilize what they've learned in a realistic environment while having fun!


    Live classes meet once a week on Saturdays and are taught by certified Yoruba teachers. In addition, you will receive pre-recorded lectures and activities during weekdays to reinforce what has been taught. Each activity is designed to be 30 minutes or less. In total, students dedicate only 2 hours a week on learning Yoruba!

Aligns with School Schedule

We meet on weekends, so the program doesn't interfere with school schedules. From September to May, our students learn about an important part of Yoruba culture every week. Our curriculum covers useful conversational skills, mythology, history, geography, culinary, and more!

  • Our curriculum is developed based on Indiana University's National African Language Resource Center which emphasizes "Big Ideas" and "Enduring Understandings"

  • Once a month, our students take a virtual field trip where they can apply their newly acquired language skills.

  • Not only do we limit class size for better interaction among the students, we also assign classes by age group so that students can learn in a socially safe space. The groupings also allows the students to learn at a level that is appropriate for them.

  • We know today kids are busy. They have school work, after school activities, sports and more! That is why we have tailored our classes to be short, fun and educational!

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