Unsure where to start with Yoruba? Start Here!

French, Spanish and Mandarin might seem the only options for a second language around you, but Yoruba Basics® is here to change that! Yoruba is a West African tonal language & culture that is spoken around the world. Yoruba Basics is here to bring Yoruba to you! The programs at Yoruba Basics serve to lay down a sturdy foundation in the Yoruba language to allow whoever takes the course the ability to connect with and appreciate their African ancestry and heritage.

Yorùbá language is intrinsic to the expression of the Yorùbá culture. Speaking the Yorùbá language aids in acquiring oral traditions, heritage and diversity throughout generations. Learning to speak Yorùbá without physical immersion can be a daunting task, mainly because there are limited resources and opportunities to converse in the language. With Yoruba Basics, we've found out how to overcome these barriers to bring the Yoruba language to you!

The Yorùbá Discoveries NI TEMI series is a designed for junior self-learners who are interested in  Yoruba culture. Our year long sessions, excluding holidays, presents children with the basics skills required to speak and understand Yorùbá language. Along with the language, our program teaches Yorùbá etiquette and culture. The curriculum has been designed to cover a wide range of topics including basic greetings, etiquette, gestures, alphabets, tones, numbers, and much more. There are also various activities, including virtual field trips, games, opportunites to connect socially, etc that will provide participants with opportunities to converse in Yorùbá language.

As over 27 languages have been listed as close to extinction by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), it has become imperative to keep the Yorùbá language alive by speaking and teaching it to the next generation.

What's Included in This Class

Here's a list of what you can expect from our Yoruba Discoveries®

  • 12 Month-long Yoruba Enrichment program! That's 52 weeks of virtual, fun-based learning without assumption of prior Yoruba exposure

  • Weekly released, pre-recorded sessions taught by certified Yoruba Language instructors. Each weekly session is 20 to 40 minutes long.

  • Supplemental instructions, activities and assessment thru the rest of the week. We understand your child is busy so they work at their own schedule, when it works for THEM and YOU!.

  • All materials, resources and learning apparatus needed - such as cards, posters, worksheets - will be provided electronically and physically sent to your child. Free shipping only available within continuous United States.

  • Perfect for children of Yoruba speaking parents or younger home-schoolers interested in learning about Yoruba language and culture.

  • Payment is affordable and convenient. You can pay a one time fee or 12 low payments that is sure to fit any budget. That's less than $10 per week!

  • Our unique curriculum features original content, illustration and proven approaches to accommodate learner diversity as taught by Indiana University's National African Language Resource Center.