Learning Yoruba is not just about Memorization


SEPT 24, 2022 to Jun 24, 2023

If you are a Yoruba parent, chances are your kids understand Yoruba but don't speak fluently. Or maybe you don't speak at home but you want them to be familiar with Yoruba Language and Culture. We can help!

Learning the Yoruba language requires patience and time  - but it is also a lot easier to stick with when you're having fun! We do our best to keep our classes enjoyable and inviting.

Yoruba Discoveries®  classes are structured to allow learning new concepts in Yoruba, practicing tones, and encouraging discussion. We also learn in a safe space with similar ages and speaking abilities! This allows the students to not feel the pressure of anyone making fun of their "accent" and prevents them from becoming discouraged. They are supported by our staff who motivate students to keep trying. Our approach is laid back and fun for the students, delivering maximum enjoyment while learning. Also, because they are learning together and helping each other, they create social bonds.

  Yoruba Discoveries for Kids Curriculum Covers:
  • Completely understand Yoruba Tones and Markings
  • Greet formally & informally in Yoruba
  • Construct simple Yoruba sentences
  • Converse in Basic Yoruba
  • Learn about Yoruba Culture, Gesture, and Basic Yoruba History.
  • Yoruba folklore and mythology
  • Understand Yoruba Social Norms
  • NOTE: To make sure vetted students are the ones joining, the camera must be turned on at all times.

Class size is limited in order to enhance class participation. Our team of instructors makes sure the content and activities in each class are fun, engaging, and designed for maximum retention. Emphasis is placed on speaking and listening skills and class time is very active. Each online class is instructor-led and meets for 45 minutes on Saturdays via Zoom. The course's materials and resources are provided as needed.

What To Expect from This Class

Here's a list of what you can expect from our Yoruba Discoveries®

  • 9 Month-long Yoruba Enrichment program! That's 34 weeks of virtual, fun-based learning without assumption of prior Yoruba exposure

  • Weekly live Instructor-led sessions taught by certified Yoruba Language instructors via Zoom. Each Instructor-led class is 40 to 50 minutes long.

  • Our unique curriculum features original content, illustration and proven approaches to accommodate learner diversity as taught by Indiana University's National African Language Resource Center.

  • Supplemental instructions, activities and assessment thru the rest of the week. We understand you child is busy so they work at their own schedule. We give feedback on ALL homework submitted by students.

  • All materials, resources and learning apparatus needed - such as cards, posters, worksheets - will be provided electronically and physically sent to your child. Free shipping only available within continuous United States.

  • Safe nurturing environment where students can learn within intimidation. Student will socialize and learn with other students in similar age range.

  • Don't have a Native speaker at home to practice with? No problem! Our instructors have weekly "virtual office hours" so your child can ask questions and practice intonation and pronunciation.

  • Payment is affordable and convenient. You can pay a one time fee or 8 low payments that is sure to fit any budget.


September 24, 2022 to June 24, 2023