Unique FAMILY Experience with Yoruba Basics®

We can help you family create a unique Yoruba language and culture experience to complement your cultural journey. If your family members are at the same level of Yoruba knowledge and want to move together, then our family experience is a good fit. 

With this sessions, they can be tailored to your needs. Your could concentrate on language, mythology, pronunciation, or combine sessions for cooking classes. Or a combination of all the above! Basically, create the experience you seek.

We make it easy for you to get to the next level by tailoring the experience to your family. We take a collaborative approach, that's why we do a discovery session with you and your family first before we create a personalized curriculum. Once we agree with the direction & schedule the sessions begin.

What to expect from Your Family Sessions (Max Members: 4)

For your convenience, all sessions are accessible via internet on your laptop, tablet or cellphone. We send you our app or URL prior to your class so you always know where to meet your instructor.

  • You will meet with your instructor who will listen and assess your family's need. This discovery session is not included in your family's 8 sessions. All family members must be at similar level of knowledge as the same curriculum will apply to whole family regardless of knowledge.

  • Your Instructor will develop a personalized schedule for you based on your assessment. You will approve your curriculum before tutoring starts.

  • Your tutoring calendar will be submitted to you for approval. You pick the times that's convenient for you! Reschedules require 24 hr notice.

  • Live sessions occur twice weekly sessions of 40 mins per session. Office hours can occur right after each session or you can schedule office hours. If you are interested in a cooking class, you can combine 2 or more sessions.

  • 2 sessions per week will be scheduled for 4 consecutive weeks for a total of 8 sessions. The fifth week is grace week and a chance to make up all excused cancellations. No sessions are held after grace week.

  • In addition to each session, you will be given activities and assessment (if interested) to reinforce concepts. We encourage you to do all homework.

  • You will receive a login to your family's learning management portal. You will be able to track your sessions and have access to your online family portal for 6 months from date of registration.

  • Does one family member have a conflict? We can record the session for your family to revisit and for reinforcement play-back.


Note: One-on-One Instruction sessions also available.